About Plenoh

Goes by an online alias Plenoh—a visionary software developer who works hard

Likes to Tell Myself:
Slow and steady wins the race.
A small step foward everyday.
What you see online is a tip of an iceburg.
It’s okay to be not perfect. Let’s not be a perfectionist.
Pursue excellence, not perfection.

Vim, bash, git, Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Server, GNU/Linux, macOS

Plans to Use in the Future:
FreeBSD, GhostBSD, OpenBSD

Korean(native), English(bilingual)

Sahmyook University(Seoul, Korea), Class of 2018, BS in Software, Division of Computer Science and Engineering
Indiana State University(Indiana, USA), August 2006 – October 2007, was enrolled in Computer Science undergraduate program